My Charlotte Tilbury Inspired Valentine’s Look For 2018!

Hallo Beautyowls! How are you doing today? One more day left until Valentine’s day, and what better occasion to put a Makeup look together with some of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products! For this look, I wanted to create a radiant, flawless complexion with a dramatic eye and a Romantik lip. To find out more about my Valentine’s Look for 2018 and discover a step by step tutorial on how to recreate it, just keep on reading!

What’s New In Beauty! 14 Cool Makeup Launches Coming Our Way!

Hello Beautyowls! January has been an exciting month regarding new beauty launches. It’s almost impossible to keep track since news about beauty products and collaborations are reaching us almost daily. If you are a beauty and makeup addict like me, then this post is just right for you! Don’t miss out on the action! Instead, keep on reading and discover all the goodies that this month has to offer and what’s new in beauty…Valentine’s Day is after all just around the corner!

The Hottest Makeup Trends In 2018!

Hello Beautyowls! Today’s post is a regrouping of the hottest Makeup Trends that we are going to see pop up in spring and throughout the summer of 2018. Some shocking others gorgeous (it’s up to you to decide which ones which) the S/S 2018 makeup trends are promising us a most colorful, diverse and exciting year!

Natural Glowy Skin

Also seen in 2017 this minimalistic yet classy look never fails. Especially during the hotter summer months, a lighter more natural look is welcoming and appealing, yet this time the natural glow of a healthy complexion is brought even more into focus. Pair this look with soft pinks to achieve a monochromatic look that will give you a youthful and fresh appearance.

Colorful Eyes

This year, don’t be shy using pops of color to make every one of your makeup looks unique! Bold colors such as purples, greens and emeralds are most welcome and have been seen throughout various runway shows such as Byblos, Missoni, and Marni.

Pink Strobbing

Nothing signals health and youth, more than a touch of pink. Well, this year we are allowed to go overboard. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a lot of pink and if you want to do it 100 % right use pink glitter as a topper! Yes, you’ve heard me right GLITTER! Paying homage to the look from the 80s this revived trend will be most interesting to watch on high street fashion! Just make sure not to overdo it and end up looking like the tin man from The Wizard Of Oz!

Clumpy Eyelashes

Quite interesting is the following trend where clumpy eyelashes have a pole position and dictate how to layout the rest of your makeup. Thankfully there are a ton of mascara options out there and in combination with your fingertips can quickly recreate this look.

Exaggerated Eyeliner

Yes, the time has finally come where you can go crazy with your eyeliner. The era of perfection is over and the thicker the line, the better. Feel free to also experiment with color as well is with glitter and holo-effects. Finally, don’t forget to try out the latest UNDERLINING technique as shown above which will give you a bold and intense look that will accentuate your eyes.

Pastel Or Bleached Eyebrows

Ok, this might be a daring one and congrats for those that are going to give this one a try. Bleached or pastel colored eyebrows are for the brave. However, if you want to experiment with a more toned down look, try the metallic version which also looks stunning!

Glitter & Studded Eyes

I love this one! Imagine a hot summer night on a beautiful Island or at a festival and rocking this stunning look. You can easily recreate it and have as toned down or as out there as you want. In any case, you will most surely turn some heads and be the queen of the night!

Blurred Lips

No need for Photoshop anymore and it’s blurring tool. All you need to do is gently smudge the edges of your lips with your fingertips and if you go over the contours, even better! As with the eyeliner trend, the imperfect and carless vibe is absolutely IN this year!

That’s it for today Beautyowls, let me know which of the above-mentioned Makeup Trends of 2018 you feel most excited about, if any? For more news about the latest trends don’t forget to also check my last blog post “The Best Posts About The Latest Fashion Trends For 2018!” here!

Until next time,

Love Kate

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The Best Posts About The Latest Fashion Trends For 2018!

Hello Beautyowls! It is unbelievable that we are already in the second week of January of 2018! The New Year is hitting us hard with all sorts of interesting information (that is scattered left and right) about the upcoming fashion trends for 2018!

Beautyowls did the research and grouping for you! So here are some of the best posts about the latest fashion trends for 2018! Each in their own style, they are all presenting some of the most interesting predictions concerning this exciting new year.

The Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Beautyowls! It is currently cold in winter wonderland Zurich, but the Limited Edition Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette packs a punch and warms your heart like eggnog!

I was first introduced to the Kat Von D beauty products, after trying the famous Lolita Lipstick as well as the known SHADE & LIGHT EYE CONTOUR PALETTE and BOOM! The magick happened! I am a true fan of this inspiring Tattoo/Makeup artist that combines creativity, a sharp business mind and a good heart (all her products are cruelty-free).

This year’s limited edition Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette is equally exciting, stunning to look at and of good quality. If you are lucky, you will find it, currently for 50% less at Sephora in MANOR. (Check out also my previous post The Best End Of Year Sephora Beauty Deals! currently at Sephora in MANOR).

Look And Feel

The packaging is an eye-catcher but understandably not to everybody’s taste. The inspiration was drawn from gothic cathedrals that Kat Von D herself visited. The colorful shadows inside the palette are imitating the tinted glass windows from these sanctuaries.

Now regarding the layout! It is true that it is not the most straight-forward eyeshadow palette out there and for a beginner, it will take some time until they figure out which shades work best together to create a look. However, makeup is all about having fun. Having said that, if you are up for some makeup playtime, then this palette will be great since it offers unlimited options for various eye looks. On the other hand, if you are someone that doesn’t want to bother with their makeup, then this will might not be the best choice for you.

One last point about the packaging is that,  although it is unique and beautiful to look at, I personally felt that it is a bit too bulky to travel with and the two interior side mirrors are a bit pointless.

The Shades

The palette offers 24 eyeshadows in total. The shades are divided into two sides the Saint (Left side) and the Sinner (Right side) with 12 shades on each side. The Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette offers three types of finishes: electrifying metallics, mattes, and shimmering pearls. You will also get two new special effect glimmer shades that are positioned at the top of the palette. Those are described as top coats that will give every look an extra edge. The palette is cruel- and paraben free which is an added bonus!

Formula & Performance

When it comes to application there are a few things that I noticed and I would like to mention them to you, should you choose to buy this palette. All shades are very pigmented and buttery when swatched. However, there are two shades that I personally found a bit patchy. Those were Sabbath and Exorcism. The rest of the shadows perform beautifully! Just note that these two ones need some extra love and attention when applied!

My personal favorite shades on this palette are Revelation (a brown with gold glitter) and Vestment (a shimmery maroon with a blue-green shift). Those are very beautiful and quite unique shades! There is no noticeable fallout with any of the shades and the wear time as well as their lasting power is really good. As a tip, if you want them to perform even better you should use an eyeshadow primer.

The Verdict

Summing up, I don’t regret purchasing this palette, and I really enjoy creating looks with it while at home and in front of my vanity. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t wait until now to purchase it since the 75.- CHF where a bit too steep. (In the US still available via Sephora for 62$)

That’s it from my side for today’s post Beautyowls. As always I do hope that you’ve found this review helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are or if you need any help with this palette. Would you like to see a makeup look or tutorial on it? If yes, leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

Love Kate

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