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Today’s post will have a bit of a different tone, so be warned! It’s really rare that beauty products disappoint me to a point where I start getting frustrated. Well, in this case I am! So if you want to find out more about the how, the who and the what! Then keep on reading…

If you would ask me what my personal most important step in my makeup routine is, I would definitely tell you the base…not the eyes not the lips but the base! Nothing beats a flawless complexion. Some lucky ones are born with it but for the rest of us, we expect that at least the foundations do their job and create this flawless illusion for us.


This is why I am always in the hunt for the perfect makeup, so about a month ago, I placed a pre-order for the long anticipated Colors makeup line by the Ordinary. I ordered one serum and it’s full coverage version, both in the shade 1.2 N. which retail for 6.70 Euros (7$) for 30mlI can tell you I was super excited to try these products out!


I truly had high hopes for this product. The simple ingredients, in combination with the affordable price, would have easily made this a home run for me, if this lightweight runny formula with SPF 15 would have work. However, for me personally and my particular skin type (combo to normal) this was not the case at all.

First of all, I never received the full coverage version. I am still waiting for that one, so drawback number one; the delivery delays. (Already a bad sign!) For now, I just had the chance to test the serum, which resulted in two weeks of horrible makeup for me! Seriously, I sooo wanted to make this product to work. Not willing to give up on it, I followed a plan with different application methods, product combinations and tools, resulting from bad to worst, to catastrophic makeup-days!

Here is my regime of application these past two weeks:

Application method Nr.1


> Marc Jacobs coconut primer > serum foundation > application tool Beauty Blender > setting with Laura Mercier Setting Powder.

Application method Nr. 2


> Hourglass mattifying primer > serum foundation > application tool Artise face brush > no setting powder.

Application method Nr. 3


> No primer > serum foundation > application tool my fingers > Laura Mercier setting powder.

Seriously guys… Am I doing something wrong here?

Here is the list of issues a gathered from these two weeks, regardless the application method or product combination.

  • Sits on top of my skin (especially the nose area)
  • Accentuates and sinks into my pores
  • Clings to dry patches that I didn’t even know I had…
  • Breaks down within 2 hours
  • Gathers and cakes around my nose and chin area
  • Is not buildable
  • Very light to light coverage



IMG_1859However there were also a few positive aspects to this product which I listed down below:

  • Feels very light-weight to the skin
  • Doesn’t oxidize
  • No scent
  • Does contain SPF 15
  • Comes in a big colour range (21 colours)

Verdict!!! This was one of the worst foundations if not the worst serum formula I have ever tried for my skin type. Even the affordable price tag doesn’t justify such a bad performance. Needless to say that there are some excellent drugstore foundations out there that are in the same price range and perform better, like the Wet and Wild Photo Focus or the L’Oreal Perfect Match one.

However, I remain hopeful, that the full coverage one will eventually find it’s way to me so I can also try it out. So see, I am not giving up on the Colors from the ordinary just yet. The company does after all bring some quite good skincare products on the market. But as far as the serum and me goes… it’s a definitive break-up!

As always, I hope that you found this review helpful. Please let me know if you’ve had the same or a similar experience with this product. If it works for you could you please leave me a comment below and explain how you apply it and with which products you combine it?

 Till next time!

xoxo from Zürich,


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