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Ahhh! It’s so nice, summer is finally here! Agreeable temperatures and blue skies as far as the eye can see (at least for the most part!). Now would be the perfect time to invest in some essential pieces, that will help you transition through the season in a cool, stylish and fun way without making your wallet bleed. So here I share with you, my top picks for this summer!

The Off Shoulder Blouse!


Nothing sexier than showing your shoulders baby! A trend that carries on and on…there is a huge selection out there but if you want something, that is a classic piece, easy to combine and you can even wear in the office without looking like a “Lolita”, then choose a simple white off shoulder blouse. I got mine from MANGO for 49.95 CHFDon’t forget to highlight those shoulders of yours, in order to give the look a fresh, popping touch!

Not Without My Kimono!


I love this trend! Not sure if it will last, but you can find some amazing designs almost everywhere nowadays. I chose this beige, long-sleeved kimono with flower patterns and a more (for my taste) toned-down design since I wanted to have one, that was easier to combine. The attention to detail of this piece is fantastic, plus it transforms any outfit, giving it a cool and edgy touch. Whether it is just a casual dress or your favorite pair of jeans, don’t leave your house without your Kimono this season! Available here for 79.90 CHF.

The Body Swimsuit!


Thank God for this one…! If you are having a tummy like me then, this is an excellent choice to make this area of your body less obvious and make a chilled appearance at the pool or the beach. Even better if it is with a print that you like, then the blurring effect is even more real 🙂 I went for the one from H&M for 44.95 CHF and I love it! Remember, the darker the color the less visible the areas of concern…all eyes on the tiger baby!

The Flat Pantolettes!

zara pantolette

I feel like I was ravaging the ZARA isles last month but I just couldn’t resist… If you haven’t invested in some nice flat pantolettes for this season, then what are you waiting for? Your feet will be soooo thankful! My favorite pick…these striped ones from ZARA which I already know, I will wear to death this season!

The Throw _On…Feel Good Dress!


Talking about stripes, the striped dress style is a must for this summer. It’s easy to combine, makes you figure look fabulous, and it is perfect for most occasions. I picked mine from BIG for 79 CHF and I love it! Basically this is a no brainer, you put it on and go about your day! I couldn’t find mine online because I got it form a local store here in Zürich but here is a pic…you get the idea!

The White Pearl…Jans!


…and no, I am not talking about the Pirates of the Caribbean ship (that was the black pearl by the way…!) but about a cool pair of jeans decorated with white pearls. I discovered mine from!?….ohhh…wait…yap…no surprise here…ZARA. Great fit, super comfortable to wear and they look so posh! (Honestly!!! I am not being paid by ZARA for this blog post!) 

I hope that you enjoyed this selection and that you managed to get some inspiration out of my must-have pieces for this summer. If you have also made any cool discoveries lately (that are not from ZARA), let me know, I would love to see what your favorite item are.

Till next time

xoxo from Zürich,


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