June 2017


Qiriness Éclat Face Mask

Hello Beautyowls!

Have you seen this face mask anywhere? If you have, then grab it! The truth is that I’m not a face-mask hardcore user. I don’t really like the goopy feeling, I don’t appreciate the excessive amount of product and I rarely see any immediate effects based on the claims most masks make. So, I’m a bit of a tough crowd when it comes to face masks!

The Top 5 Coolest Beauty Products For This Summer

Hello Beautyowls!

Do you feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of beauty products that you are being confronted with for the summer? If yes, then fret not, cause I’ve got your back! Here are some great beauty, skincare, and hair care products for the summer that have been put to the test and are worth your time and money. To discover which ones those are, just keep on reading!

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Disaster!

Hello Beautyowls!

Today’s post will have a bit of a different tone, so be warned! It’s really rare that beauty products disappoint me to a point where I start getting frustrated. Well, in this case I am! So if you want to find out more about the how, the who and the what! Then keep on reading…

6 Budget Friendly Statement Pieces For This Summer

Hello Beautyowls!

Ahhh! It’s so nice, summer is finally here! Agreeable temperatures and blue skies as far as the eye can see (at least for the most part!). Now would be the perfect time to invest in some essential pieces, that will help you transition through the season in a cool, stylish and fun way without making your wallet bleed. So here I share with you, my top picks for this summer!