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Today’s post is dedicated to Jeffree Star and his Androgyny eyeshadow palette. It took me quite some time to really put this post together since I was swatching, playing and combining shades for a while now. So if you want to find out more about, the formula, swatches and if this is a must have eyeshadow palette, then keep on reading!


I have to admit, that when I first received this palette I didn’t know where to start and what exactly to do with it. The colour selection is quite extraordinary and it does push one out of their comfort zone. At the same time, the selection of the colors is more toned-down and more earthy, which is the total opposite direction as in the previous Jeffree Star palette Beauty Killers with its loud and outspoken colours.

The eyeshadows are housed in a beautiful hot pink cardboard case with a leather-imitating texture. The front of the palette is embossed with the Jeffree Star Logo and the name of the palette, in gold lettering. When you open the palette you will find 10 eyeshadows with their names, as well as, a mirror which is good enough for traveling. The graphics around the mirror are (to my taste) cheap-looking and totally unnecessary. The size of the pans is very generous with a Net WT of 10 x 0.09oz / 2.52gr for 45$ (currently available here). The shadows come in two finishes, 7 super mattes, and 3 metallics that are vegan and cruelty-free, with a shelve life of 12 moths.  


When first swatched with the finger the shadows appear rich in pigmentation. The formula has a lot of kick off but the texture is very buttery and soft to the touch. The top row blends beautifully and all the shades are quite rich in pigmentation. The metallics layer nicely on top of the mattes and the shades blend fairly easy.  More problematic is the bottom row and in particular the last two shades Poison and Swallow which appeared chalky when swatched with both the fingers and the brush. Swallow was truly lacking in pigmentation and is not true to its colour (when only one layer is applied).


The brush swatches tell a completely different story! Frosting comes out very toned down Androgyny and Fetich patchy (although mixed together those two look stunning on the outer corner and crease). Poison and Swallow follow the same pattern and Swallow lacks even more in pigmentation when applied with the brush (in order to get an even colour, I had to layer the shades several times with the brush). However, the eyeshadows do have a decent wear time when applied with or without a primer.


Overall, I find this a well-rounded palette, that will allow one to create from soft to more dramatic looks despite the fact that it doesn’t contain a very light nor a black shade. All in all, this is an interesting palette to have if you are a makeup collector but formula wise it’s nothing extraordinary. This would most likely not be an ideal palette for a beginner as one needs to work with the eyeshadows a bit more to make them look even and due to the amounts of fall out, they produce.


That’s it from my side beautyowls for today. As always I do hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you found it helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are on this palette in the comments below. Have you tried the Androgyny palette, yet? If not, would you consider investing in it?

Till next time.

xoxo from Xanthi,


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