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There are two face products I have been going back and forth, in the past weeks and now I feel it’s time to share my final thoughts with you. Like a true Dior fan, I wanted to test out the latest cushion foundation, as well as, the cushion skincare product. I like the Dior Airflash and I was curious to find out if these new products were just as good.


For several weeks I was playing with the Dior Capture Total Dream Skin Perfecting Skin Cushion (a mouthful I know!)  and the Dior Skin Forever Perfecting Cushion. I was intrigued by these two products, first because the Capture Total is marketed as a cushion skincare product (not a foundation!) and the second as a matte cushion. Since most cushion foundations are a bit dewy and thus not appropriate for my skin type, I wanted to give this one a try.

Dior Capture Total Dream Skin Perfecting Skin Cushion


This is an interesting product since it is not marketed as a cushion foundation but more a tinted cushion cream infused with skincare benefits. It comes in 8 Shades and is super easy to apply, you can use this product in the summer due to its lightweight texture and the 50SPF that comes with it. Careful! This gives you a very lightweight coverage and unless you have a flawless skin already, don’t expect it to do much cover-wise. As with most high-end products it does contain fragrance which I find a pity.

The packaging is a really cute soft pink color that includes a mirror and a sponge applicator (that I never use). One can refill the compact which is a plus. Other than that, it’s a standard packaging which for 82$ (15gr./0.5oz)  is most definitely not a barging. One plus is that by purchasing this product, you are also getting a refill. 

This product didn’t rock my world, I didn’t really see any skincare benefits, it is not really mattifying and hardly gives any coverage.  However, I will continue using it, even if I have to scrap the last drops of product with my bare fingers (unsanitary I know!) due to its price tag.

Dior Skin Forever Perfecting Cushion


Now, this is a true matte cushion foundation which is great! The foundation lasts for good 8 hours and is buildable. The texture is lightweight and I found the product to apply great with a Beauty Blender but for extra coverage, I would recommend a brush. As in the Capture Total, I have shade number 010 (right swatch). This foundation comes in 7 shades and the formula claims to have 16 hours+ wear time, but although at the 8hours mark everything was OK it did start breaking on me around the 12 hours mark.

Also with this product, the packaging is a standard cushion foundation packaging with a mirror and an applicator sponge (which I don’t need in my life). For 72$ also not a bargain (15gr./0.52oz) but if you are having an oily or a mixed complexion, then this might be a good product for you. Ohhh! Also, the foundation does contain 35SPF but again… why-o-why the perfume?


All in all, I found the matte foundation better than the Capture total but this is a personal preference. In the end, it honestly depends on what you want, need and expect from your cushion! I just felt that the Capture Total was a bit overpriced for what it delivered.

As always, I do hope that you’ve found this review helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are on the reviewed products? Have you tried any of them? If yes which one? If not, would you consider buying any?

Till next time,

xoxo from Zürich,


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