March 2017


Extraordinary NEWS From The Ordinary Brand

Hello Beautyowls!

Psssst…It’s finally happening! Less than a year ago, we started hearing first whispers around the YouTube and Blogger sphere about a new brand named The Ordinary. One of the first YouTubers that mentioned this brand was Wayne Goss and for those that don’t know, The Ordinary is part of the DECIEM group (or otherwise known as The Abnormal Beauty Company) which includes brands such us NIOD, HYLAMIDE, and STEMM (check out my blog post on NIOD and DECIEM).


Since then, a lot of us hopped on The Ordinary train, experiencing a revolutionary concept with à la carte skincare products addressing various skin conditions and providing quality products at an extremely affordable price.

But The Ordinary isn’t stopping there! This (Extra)Ordinary brand is currently expanding its product portfolio by adding a new product range named Colours, thus entering the world of makeup.


This new foundation range will be available in two formulas, a serum pigment and a high coverage one, available in 21 shades for approximately 6£. The formulas have an SPF15 and promise long lasting coverage. How amazing is this!? The colour variety is addressing the whole spectrum, including shades from the Very Fair all the way to the Deeper ones. The foundations will be packaged in the familiar bottles with a dropper for the serum foundation and just a bottle for the coverage one.

If you are living in London you can already go check out the formulas at Deciem’s new store in Spitalfields which launched on the 27 of March. The rest of us will have to wait a bit longer…

The anticipation is great, I know! So stay tuned, in order to find out when exactly Colours will be available or register in order to receive the availability status directly via email.

Till next time Beautyowls,

xoxo from Zürich


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Exciting News! SEPHORA is coming to Zurich

Hello Beautyowls!

Exciting news for the beauty community in Zurich and particularly for all Sephora lovers. Sephora will soon be opening its doors to us at the Bahnhofstrasse.


You will find the Sephora Shop In Shop at the ground floor of MANOR. The grand opening will be celebrated on the 6th of April and a public event is organized on the same date as of 17:00.

I, for one, am thrilled and my husband even more so, because he won’t need to bring me my Sephora beauty stash from the US anymore when he is back from his Business Trips, nor will he be forced to visit the Geneva store with me every time we are there.

Here are some great Sephora products I can only recommend which you should grab, should you spot them in the Store. Sephora will initially be featuring 12 brands so get ready for Becca, Benefit, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, and Co.

Let your credit card explode and have endless makeup fun!

Till next time

xoxo from Zürich,


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AERIN -3 Limited Edition Liquid Gold Fragrances

Hello Beautyowls!

Exciting news for perfume lovers and collectors. AERIN revamped it’s three statement fragrances Tangier Vanille, Amber Musk and Evening Rose and repackaged them in a gorgeous limited edition Golden Flakon for the special AERIN d’Or France Collection.

The fragrances themselves have been enriched with luxurious ingredients like Precious Woods such as Oud, Patchouli as well as Moschus and Amber.

4 Beauty-Launches Worth Looking Into!

Hello Beautyowls!

The makeup community is on fire! The month of March has proven to be one of the most exciting ones since a  number of highly interesting product releases (from various beauty brands) has hit the shelves.

Here is an overview of some interesting additions to your collections, or ever as starter-kits for submerging into the beautiful world of makeup.