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Today I have a special post for you? Since I am an interior architect by trade I figured I put together a small DIY project.

The inspiration came from the need to create a small mirror for a house entrance. Instead of buying a new one a decided to recycle and create one on my own. So if you are interested in finding out how I did this, then please keep on reading…

I put this small step by step tutorial together with easy instructions on how to do this mirror. So here we go!

First here are the materials you will need:

A round wooden tray. The one I used is the model SKALA  from IKEA for 14.95 CHF

A small mirror. The one I used is a discontinued model from IKEA but any small round mirror will do. Here are some options like Balungen for 12.95 CHF or Fräck for 9.95 CHF

A strip of fake leather in the following dimensions 15x120cm (5.9×47.2 Inches). You can choose any color you like, mine is in brown which I bought from the local fabric store for 5.00 CHF or you can order online here.

A small can of matte paint in gray, mine is from the brand Rust-Oleum and was 5.00 CHF.


Here is the equipment you will need:

A brush / A sewing machine (but hand stitching is also possible). / Black thread / A pair of scissors / Strong double-sided tape or a glue gun / Some newspaper / A hammer and a nail / A pair of gloves and a nice cup of coffee or tea!

And this is how it’s done:

Step 1: Lay the Tray on some old newspapers and paint it with the gray matte paint. Let out to dry overnight and then apply a second coat. Let dry overnight again.

Step 2: While the tray is drying take your fake leather piece and fold it in the middle right sides together. Do a straight stitch and then turn it inside out. Close the ends with a hand stitch.

Step 3: Make a knot at each end of the leather strip around the handles of the tray. Feel free to adjust the length depending on your needs.


Step 4: Take the double-sided tape and place several strips across the back of the small mirror (make sure that the stripes don’t go all the way to the edges of the mirror otherwise they will be visible from the sides).

Step 5: Remove the protective layer from the double sided tape, flip the mirror over and position it on top of the tray. Use your artistic freedom to position the mirror wherever you like on the tray… I chose to place it off-center for a more playful look and voilà your new mirror is ready to decorate your wall. The total project cost was around 40.00 CHF in materials and it took me 2 Days to make.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and the tutorial. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to create more DIY projects for you. Don’t forget to share pictures if you decide to recreate this mirror and tag me on Instagram at @katebeautyowls or on twitter. I would love to see what you would come up with!

Till next time,

xoxo from Zürich


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  1. Oh I love this mirror idea. Looks great with your decor!

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