Hello Beautyowls!

If you are looking for a soft and natural glow highlighter for an everyday use, then I have just the product for you…La Rose à Poudrer

The beautiful La Rose à Poudrer by Lancôme is not only stunning to look at, no! it will also give you a supple everyday glow from within that will last all day.

At the same time, it will make your wallet bleed…!


The talc-like powder comes in a pastel-pink, lightweight cardboard box that is supposed to remind you of vintage makeup packaging from the 20s and 30s. When swatched it doesn’t look like much but when applied on the face it comes to life.  Although marketed as a blush highlighter, I would never describe this as a blush more like a blush topper.

This Limited Edition, unscented powder (although contains fragrance) is available at selected Lancôme counters for 70.- CHF or via Lancôme for 60$ for 1.6 g / 0.056 oz. of product only (What!?)

I know! A rip off! But to be fair, I couldn’t resist either and I must admit not having regretted buying it since I am putting it to good everyday use. Just make sure NOT TO DROP THE BOX!

Are you currently after an everyday natural glow highlighter yourselves? Then go check it out, it might be a product for you.

So glow away my little pink petal roses!

Till next time.

xoxo from Zürich,


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    • Hi there! Thank you so much for the link… I heard about this product. I would love to get it as well but the price is crazy 😉
      Perhaps next month hahahha! Thank you for your kind comment 😉

  1. Pretty expensive for a fabric rose and a touch of powder. Like you say, a rip off. Nice for the dresser though.

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