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We can all agree that the much talked about Marc Jacobs Air Blush line is stunning. The line is beautiful and the textures super silky and lightweight. The color intensity is buildable and the lasting power is definitely there. The only drawback is the excessive amount of product that kicks off with every application. This causes quite unnecessary product squander and with the hefty price tag of $42 for each pan… Well!? Let’s just say that this isn’t great.

Here are two alternative drugstore options that I discovered, which are very close dupes for blushes Nr. 506 Flesh & Fantasy and Nr. 500 Lush & Libido.

A great dupe for Flesh & Fantasy is the MaxFactor Pastel Compact Blush in Nude Mauve available at Douglas for 18.90 CHF. This powder performs equally well, is very similar in tone and doesn’t have an exercise kickoff. The formula is a bit drier so you might need to dip your brush several times into the product in order to build up the color intensity. (Which for this price is absolutely acceptable btw!)

The closest drugstore dupe I could find for Lush & Libido is the Wet&Wild Color Icon Blush in Fantastic Plastic Pink. Available at Beautypalast for 4.90 CHF, this blush has great durability and fantastic pigmentation. It also falls in the dryer formula category so hardly any kickoff, plus the price is unbeatable.


Another alternative would be to play the mixologist! One great option for this would be the Glamour Blush 10 palette from BH Cosmetics for only 10.- Euros. Here you can give your creativity a free pass. CAREFUL, though! These formulas tend to be a bit dry and grainy.

In order to recreate the 506 Flesh & Fantasy blush, you need to mix color Nr. 1 with a light touch of color Nr. 2. As you can see the match is almost identical and ever more affordable than the Max Factor option plus you get 10 shades instead of one.

In order to recreate the 500 Lush & Libido blush, you need to mix the indicated colors Nr. 1  and Nr. 2. Also here the match is almost identical.

These are the 4 alternative options, in order to either buy or recreate these two gorgeous blushes from Marc Jacobs for a fragment of the price. As always, I do hope that you found this post helpful. Let me know in case you also have some other great dupes for these two blushes in the comments bellow. Would you try to mix and match with the BH cosmetics palette or any other blush palette you might own?

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