January 2017


5 Top Luxury Makeup Products From 2016

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I wanted to continue the series from my previous blog about the ‘5 Great Skincare Products From 2016’   and dedicate today’s post to the ‘Top 5 Luxury Makeup Products from 2016’. These are all products that truly stood out to me in 2016 and where I felt that my money was well spend. I would definitely recommend those to friends and family. So let’s get started…

Drugstore DUPES or MIXOLOGIST? For 2 Marc Jacobs Air Blushes

Hello Beautyowls!

We can all agree that the much talked about Marc Jacobs Air Blush line is stunning. The line is beautiful and the textures super silky and lightweight. The color intensity is buildable and the lasting power is definitely there. The only drawback is the excessive amount of product that kicks off with every application. This causes quite unnecessary product squander and with the hefty price tag of $42 for each pan… Well!? Let’s just say that this isn’t great.

5 Great Skincare Products From 2016

Hello Beautyowls!

It seems like yesterday, that we said goodbye to 2016 and although 2017 is greeting us with a lot of exciting new launches in the skincare and beauty community, 2016 has also given us some amazing products that became must-haves and that carry on strong into the new year.

4 Online Shopping Platforms You Need To Know!

Hello Beautyowls! If you love shopping like me then this is for you! Don’t you also find that today’s fashion is rotating super fast? What is trendy today is out of style tomorrow. Even the high-end fashion brands are struggling, not only due to the speed but also the price tag.

More and more people are willing to invest in classic, expensive, pieces especially in accessories and shoes yet at the same time go for more original brands that don’t necessarily cost a fortune or have a known name tag.

That is also the reason why, many Luxury Fashion Brands respond with more affordable clothing lines that are run in parallel to their core business, while at the same time, we see new online platforms rising, where clients can find interesting affordable pieces.

I'm Hearing The S* Word Baby

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I know it has been a while but now that the Christmas presents are unwrapped and the New Yeas resolutions put down on paper, it’s time to come back to reality and our everyday routines…but before we do that, there is one more thing to do in order to mark the end of this festive season. I have three magic words for you…!