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As we are facing winter and the temperatures are dropping, I am finding myself despairing over my hair situation. The cold and humid air outside and the warm and dry air inside are ideal conditions to challenge any type of hair and texture.

The cold and the wind are ruthless and not only will they dry out the face, lips, and hands. Also, our hair suffers. Mine is currently dry, lifeless and very difficult to style, as I have very fine hair with super dry ends and very little – to no volume. At the same time, my routes tend to become oily when I overuse styling products, with the hope to regain moisture.

I am constantly trying new products and I am a big fan of dry shampoos. ( I know drying!) However, I always find myself returning to the Awapuhi Wild Ginger hairline from Paul Mitchell when I need an extra boost or start feeling desperate with the texture of my hair. I discovered this line back in 2011 and I must say this is one of the best haircare lines I’ve ever tried out.

Apart from the fact that these products smell like heaven, this line is specifically designed to repair and revive any damage. Keratin is reconstructing and the Awapuhi Wild Ginger is giving a boost of moisture and shine back to the hair. As a result, breakage is rapidly reduced. Ohh! and did I mention that the line is paraben free and color safe?

Here is an overview of the products I am using in order to bring my goldy-locks back to life:

Awapuhi – Moisturizing Lather Shampoo  Sulphate Free (CHF 35.20 for 250ml / 8.5oz)
Awapuhi – Keratin Cream Rinse (CHF 37.10 for 250ml / 8.5oz)

I wash and condition my hair twice a week. However, every third wash, I do use an alternative shampoo (from DryBar) and conditioner (from it’s a 10) in order for my hair not to get too used to the ingredients from the Paul Mitchell line.


Awapuhi – HydroMist Blow-Out Spray UV Protect (CHF 35.20)

I use the Blow-Out Spray after each session in order to get some additional Volume. You can use the spray either on wet or dry hair. I like to use it on dry hair. I spray it in the palms of my hands first and then gently distribute it at the routes and the rest of my hair. Try not to overuse 2 pumps are usually enough.


Awapuhi – Styling Treatment Oil Vegan / Gluten Free (CHF 46.30 for 100ml / 3.4oz)

I use the treatment oil with caution and in moderate amounts at the ends of my hair. Careful!!! This stuff is powerful, overuse will make your hair greasy. If you use this product correctly you will avoid frizz and get amazingly shiny healthy looking hair.


Awapuhi – Texturizing Sea Spray UV Protect / Gluten Free (CHF 33.40 for 150ml / 5.4oz)

Also the texturizing spray, I use with caution. Too much will dry your hair out and make it look crunchy. Like the Blow-Out Spray, I like to apply this product first in the palms of my hands and then to my hair, this way I have better control.

As an additional beauty tip, I like to massage Marula or Argan Oil (just one drop) in my hair for extra shine and do not forget those amazing overnight coconut oil masks that perform miracles.

So let the temperatures drop and the cold winds blow, because healthy beautiful looking hair is possible even during the cold winter months.

Till next time.

xoxo from Thailand,





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