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It is dedicated to an upcoming beauty brand that I had on my Radar for a while now. Rituel De Fille [Pronunciation: Ritu-elle d’Fee] is a magical beauty universe created by the power of three Sisters. The Ramos siblings launched the company in 2015 and bring a lot of experience from the beauty and performance industry.


Based in the States, I started researching about this brand a while back.  I was eager to try out their products and I decided to write to their customer service in order to get some information about purchasing options outside the US. I was very surprised when one of the sisters replied to my message, giving me some links from where to buy.

I placed an order with Cultbeauty (a Beauty Shopping Platform based in the UK). Two weeks later I received my package. I have been using the products for more than a week now and here are my thoughts.


The experience
I love the marketing idea from the Ramos sisters to promote and link their products with the concept of Magic – Alchemy and Potion-Making. Which woman doesn’t enjoy a bit of mystery or magic in their lives, after all!

The concept goes hand in hand with the company’s philosophy and commitment to use 99% natural ingredients without synthetic dyes, no fragrance, no phthalate, no paraben and is cruelty-free.

I was amazed by the scents of lavender and other sweet, earthy notes that hit my nose, when I first opened the packaging. A pleasant surprise indicating that the brand stands behind its marketing concept and doesn’t just  deliver empty promises.

What is also very unique is their web page. One can go and research the different ingredients the company uses and go through picture-catalog with detailed descriptions.


The products
My order included two eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a highlighter and a blush. What is important to know, is that all these products have a creamy consistency, so if you are not used to work with creamy products just put your patient pants on. Practice and play!

The blush (rapture) and the highlight (ghost light) come in a black sturdy plastic packaging with a mirror. The eyeshadows come in a unique see-through hexagonal plastic container. The lipsticks come in the same black material and are housed in a standard cylinder-tube packaging. All products carry the company’s Logo.

The blush and the highlighter wear beautifully and in a very natural way. The products are very pigmented. I found the best method of application to be either with the fingers or the beauty sponge (dry). One can easily layer these products in order to build intensity.

The lipsticks (Love-Ache and Love in Madness) are pigmented and very comfortable to wear. Love-Ache, resembles to a balm-type texture. Love in Madness, was a bit patchy but when layered, it looked amazing. Both of these lip products were very hydrating which I loved. Now be aware, that these products are nor liquid lips neither lip stains so the color does transfer and wear off in time.

Finally, the eye shadows (golden age and serpent de mer)…here, I really enjoyed the colors I selected. Both were very pigmented but natural looking at the same time. On the website it is mentioned that you can use either a dense brush or your fingers for a good application. However, I found that these eyeshadows were quite difficult to apply and blend with a brush. The intensity didn’t come across even with a primer. A finger application is much better for these products. One drawback for me was the packaging. I found it a bit difficult to reach for the product with my fingers since the packaging is quite small. I also experienced some small creasing even with primer…. If you are having any tips for a better application please comment below!


Each eyeshadow contains 0.2 oz / 5.75 g of product and costs 30£. (exp. date 24M) The highlighter has 0.2 oz / 5.60 g of product and retails 24£ (exp. date 24M) with the blush you get 0.13 oz / 3.80 g of product for 20£ (exp. date 24M) and finally each lipstick has 006 / 1.80 g of product and you pay 17.50£ for the Enchanted Lip Sheer and 19£ for the Forbidden Lipstick (exp. date 24M)

Now, in all honesty, I did find the products to be a bit up there in price but I was willing to make this investment due to the ingredients that are in them. The quantity is very descent, so I believe that this is money well spend. The packaging is quite basic but overall I really enjoyed playing with this new beauty line and get to know the brand a bit better. My top picks would be the highlighter and the blush.

As always, I do hope that you enjoyed this review and that you found it helpful. I am looking forward to your comments.

Till next time.

xoxo from Zürich,




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