November 2016


Rituel De Fille – Is This Magic?

Hello Beautyowls!

Today’s post is special!

It is dedicated to an upcoming beauty brand that I had on my Radar for a while now. Rituel De Fille [Pronunciation: Ritu-elle d’Fee] is a magical beauty universe created by the power of three Sisters. The Ramos siblings launched the company in 2015 and bring a lot of experience from the beauty and performance industry.

Five Must Haves 2016

Hello Beautyowls! 

When The #CakedConfessionz approached me for a collaboration, there was no question about it… I was thrilled and happy about this idea. Blogging, after all, is about creating new synergies, meeting exciting new people and building a community.

Don’t forget to go and check out her amazing blog and discover her amazing posts. Below you will find my article that was featured on her page back in September.