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It’s been two weeks that I have been testing the new Foundation sticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Hourglass and now it’s the right moment to give you an honest and full review. So if you were wondering which foundation stick would be most suitable for you or if you were unsure which one to get,  then this is for you…But first, let me get the key data out of the way.

Anastasia Beverly hills is a stick foundation retailing for 25$, you can find it at Sephora or the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. The foundation comes in 23 color variations and contains 0.32 oz of product. This product is claimed to be appropriate for all skin types including combination and oily. ABH describes this foundation stick as “a highly pigmented buildable cream with a matte finish, which delivers medium to full coverage”. The formula is without – Parabens,- Sulfates,- Phthalates.

The Hourglass stick foundation is retailing for 46$ (I KNOW) you can find it at Sephora or the Hourglass website. This product is available in 26 shades and contains 0.25 oz (WHAT??). A foundation and concealer in one, this stick is a concentrated formula, infused with double the amount of pigment versus traditional foundations for instant full coverage in one application. Hourglass doesn’t mention for which specific skin types this foundation is targeted for. The formula is described as waterproof and long-wearing “with a concealer coverage fluidity of a liquid, and weightlessness of a powder for invisible full coverage” (we will get back to that in a moment), providing 12 hour coverage, and “the innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into the skin”. This foundation comes with a specially designed application brush (which I personally didn’t care for) and retails for 46$ (OK STOP).

I tested both foundations using every day different methods of applications. Here is the schedule:

Day 1: Applied with Hourglass Primer first and buffed the foundation into the skin with the Artis Nr. 6 Brush, set it with Powder.

Day 2: Applied with Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, buffed the foundation into the skin with the real techniques foundation brush, set it with Powder.

Day 3: Applied with Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, buffed the foundation into the skin with fingers.

Day 4: Applied with Mark Jacobs Coconut Primer, then buffed into the skin with wet Beauty Blender.

Day 5: Applied without Primer, then buffed into the skin with dry Beauty Blender set with Powder.


Note: Bare in mind that my skin type is mixed with a dryer perimeter and an oilier T-Zone. Furthermore, the climate plays an important role on how these products performed. Zurich is currently cold with a max. temperature of 15 degrees during the daytime.


Results for Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

The ABH foundation doesn’t oxidize, is unscented and pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight this foundation stick felt throughout the day on my skin.  It didn’t sit on my fine lines, it did blend very easy and it did give a rather medium to full coverage matte finish. However, after 8 hours of wear, my skin did get very oily, almost every day, which was very disappointing. I found the best method of application to be with the Artis Nr.6 Brush or with my fingers. Towards then end of the week, I was really starting to get annoyed with this foundation. However, the last day, I decided to apply it without  any primer and surprisingly enough this was the best application ever. (Did anyone else have the same experience? If yes please comment below…)


Results of Hourglass Stick Foundation

Boy oh boy, is this foundation pigmented… a little bit goes a loooooooong way. The first day I made the mistake of applying it with a heavy hand and let’s just say, that it wasn’t a cute look for me. The foundation doesn’t oxidize, is unscented and long wearing. Unfortunately, it felt very heavy throughout the whole week (so not weightless at all). I must admit I have a love-hate with this foundation… at the beginning, I really hated it but throughout the week and using different methods of application, I learned how to apply the product better and it kind of grew on me. I found the best way of application to be with my Artis Nr.6 foundation brush.

Note: Just make sure that you work quickly with this product since it sets super fast… this was not the case with the ABH foundation, which I found much easier to blend. The wet Beauty Blender is a big no-no due to its waterproof formula (another glorious day where I had to run around like a clown…) Also with this foundation, I found that I had to moisturize very well since it was drying my skin. This is why this foundation worked much better for me with the  Marc Jacobs primer.

Tip! With both foundations, you can use any cream bronzer or highlighter in order to contour or bronze your face and the results are quite beautiful.

At the end, both foundations have positive and negative points but none of them managed to knock my socks off. If you are considering in investing in one, just take into account what your skin type is and what you need the foundation stick for. If for example, you are looking for something for an everyday use, I would rather suggest a more lightweight liquid foundation and not a stick.

In case you have already bought one of the foundation sticks and you feel it doesn’t perform as you would have expected, test it a bit more and try also different ways of application methods and primers. It really took me some time to find out what works best with each one of those foundation sticks and it was very important to prep the skin correctly and moisturize.

That’s it from my side for now.

Till next time,

xoxo from Zürich,



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