Hello Beautyowls! When an open minded-company and a creative mind meet, only magical things can happen and if this perfume will allow me to liberate myself like Margaret Qualley in the Videoclip below….I WANT IT TOO! Just sit down, put the volume up, hit the play button and enjoy the creative work of KENZO & SPIKE JONZE

 About The Commercial

Spike Jonze’s new commercial for Kenzo perfume is as bold as it gets.

If you give an auteur a commercial, don’t be surprised when he or she goes off the wall. In this case, Spike Jonze has done that quite literally. His latest commercial, for the Japanese perfume company Kenzo, features hypnotic choreography as a young socialite (Margaret Qualley, The Leftovers) escapes the stale atmosphere of a gala to go berserk in the hallways of the empty building. Ryan Heffington—whose work includes Sia’s “Chandelier”—has created erratic and rapturous choreography, a kind of full-body catharsis from which you can’t avert your eyes, to the tune of “Mutant Brain” by Sam Spiegel (Jonze’s brother) and Ape Drums.

“I love watching the combination of excitement, violence, and insanity,” Amanda Hameline, a Brooklyn-based choreographer, told No Film School. “It makes for a female passion so strong it’s dangerous, which seems to be the idea all other perfume ads try to sell.”

Read More about the KENZO & SPIKE JONZE collaboration! 

via No Film School http://nofilmschool.com

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August 29, 2016 at 02:51PM


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