Hello Beautyowls! It is unbelievable that we are already in the second week of January of 2018! The New Year is hitting us hard with all sorts of interesting information (that is scattered left and right) about the upcoming fashion trends for 2018!

Beautyowls did the research and grouping for you! So here are some of the best posts about the latest fashion trends for 2018! Each in their own style, they are all presenting some of the most interesting predictions concerning this exciting new year.

9 New Trends Fashion Girls Should Already Know About

A great blog post by Laura Lajiness posted back in Oktober 2017, summing up in a picture gallery some of the best trends for 2018.

Style Agenda: 11 Trends To Embrace In 2018

A must read from the style agenda by none other than VOGUE. This is a great forecasting (illustrated) summary that includes shoes and accessories.

10 spring/summer 2018 fashion trends to start wearing now

Another informative post by Ella Alexander posted on the 3rd of January, summing up in a picture gallery some of the best runway examples of the upcoming spring/summer trends.


The Elle Fashion Team put this forecasting blog post together back in November 2017.  This trend report is featuring examples from various runway shows around the globe.

Spring 2018 trend report: The runway rundown

As the title says this is a quick and clear trend report posted on the 9th of January by Emily Corin. This is an excellent grouping of the upcoming trends as seen in the runway shows such as Tom Ford, Valentino, Burberry, and Dior.

The Top Spring 2018 Runway Trends To Know

The final post is by  posted back in November 2017. She really spotted some of the trends and nailed it with her post about what we will soon be seeing in the coming season on the street.

It looks like this is going to be a very colorful and diverse season. Spring/Summer is going to be most exciting fashion-wise. When flicking through the articles one can definitely spot similarities that are simply titled differently. Some others include additional trends that are unique to each article.

Some trends I am really excited to add to my wardrobe and try out myself (like the belt bags and sheer fabrics) some others I am not so sure about! But that’s the beauty of fashion after all! Let me know what your thoughts are on these trends in the comments section below!

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