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Yes, it goes without saying! Christmas is officially over, and we are sad, but with every passing Christmas, we have the exciting and much-anticipated next day SALES that starts for us. This definitely softens the blow of the passing of the Christmas holidays and at the same time puts us in a ready to launch position in order to welcome the New Year’s!

If you showed constrain and waited before you went bananas in terms of gift shopping, then here is a list of some of the best deals you can currently get in order to address your makeup cravings for products that are worth your bucks (or in this case Swiss Francs). These you will find at the new Sephora Stores in Geneva and at the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich!

Item 1. 

Make Up For Ever Limited Edition Lustrous Shadow Palette 12 super buttery eyeshadows in two finishes. Was 57.- CHF now 27.-CHF.

Item 2.

Make Up For Ever Limited Edition Lustrous Brush Set an excellent starter brush set with 5 brushes for the face and eyes. Was 74.- CHF now 37.- CHF

Item 3.NARS Limited Edition Noire Et Blanche Audacious Lipstick Coffret 4 fantastic mini lipstick shades in a limited edition packaging. Was approximate 58.- CHF now around 29.- CHF

Item 4. 

Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Style Eye-con 20 Wild One Palette 20 great eyeshadows reformulated and in gorgeous shades in 5 different finishes Velvet, Satin, Silk, and Lamé. Was 114.- CHF now 57.- CHF

Item 5.

Benefit California Love, Set a great bundle introducing three top products from the benefit collection. The California blush, the roller mascara, and the High Brow. Was 36.- CHF now 18.- CHF.

Item 6.

Benefit, Be Right By The Bay Limited Edition gift set. Introduces 4 skincare products from the Benefit collection! The brow conditioning primer, the eye cream, a moisturizer and a serum. Was 36.- CHF now 18.- CHF.

Be aware that not all offers are available online yet! Some you will be able to find just in stores!

I wish you all happy beauty hunting and a great start to the New Year! Make 2018 YOURS!

Until next time,

Love Kate,

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