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For those of you that follow my Blog for a while now, you know how much I love foundations! Therefore I have dedicated today’s post to a newly discovered product of mine that even made it on my previous post 5 Great Beauty Gifts For This Christmas + 1 Bonus Item! I am talking about the Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse.


I am amazed that not more people are talking about this foundation! The FOREVER PERFECT MOUSSE from DIOR is an excellent product with a unique texture.

The mousse comes in 8 shades (mine is in 010 Ivory) for 44,50€ and contains 30ml/ 1oz of product. This is a fantastic formula with a polymer technology that creates a power filter and promises 16hours of wear time.


My personal experience was that this velvety and slippery formula mattifies my skin beautifully. As described it does blur my pores and has a lasting power for at least up to 8hours. The formula feels very lightweight and comfortable throughout the whole day. Be careful though when you apply the product around the eyebrows since it tends to clings to your brows and you need to pay extra attention when blending around these areas. Powders and other cream products layer and sit beautifully on top of this makeup, so no complaints there either!

I have a mixed complexion and although my natural oils do shine through after 5 hours wear this foundation doesn’t break, nor does it cake on me. For oilier skin types though it might be best to set the T-Zone also with a setting powder!

Although the product is marketed for all skin types, I do believe that more mixed and oily complexions will benefit from it more, since it did cling to my dry patches. However, if you want to avoid that, exfoliate your skin before application. It is also possible to combine this product with a more hydrating primer or even an oil serum. I use two drops of rosehip oil with my daily vitamin c serum, and it spread like butter around the dryer areas.


Best applied with the fingers or my Artis Nr. 6 brush this product gives me a light to medium coverage. Wherever additional coverage is needed, I use a concealer, and spot conceal. I follow the “less is more rule,” and usually a pea size amount of product is enough for the whole face.

So lets recap! This is a foundation with a smooth mattifying and comfortable to wear light texture that will last 8+ Hours! Best geared towards mixed and oily combination, it will blur your pores and give you a medium coverage while keeping your natural oils under control.

Here is also a video tutorial demonstrating how I apply the foundation in a quick and easy way!

I hope that you find today’s post helpful! If you have any questions about this foundation or any of the products shown leave me a comment below! If you enjoyed today’s post, please don’t forget to hit the like button!

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