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Today we are taking a closer look at the FENTY Beauty Line by Rihanna.  The brand launched a few weeks back and has so far been reviewed by almost every known YouTuber, Influencer, and Blogger with raving reviews. Curious about these beauty products, I placed an order with Sephora as soon as they launched, wanting to find out for myself how they performed… and I was shocked!

Rihanna is the main face of the first campaign, which I took as a sign that she genuinely supports and stands behind the brand, as well as, the products she created. Although I am not a hardcore Rihanna fan, another fact that I found satisfactory around this brand was that it was launched simultaneously and that with its first launch 40 shades of the foundation were offered, which genuinely supports the following statement by Rihanna herself about the brand:


Since everyone around the globe reviewed the silicone-based foundation (and also because I own a ton of foundations already), I decided to place an order for products that I would like to use for an everyday quick makeup application and not a full-, dolled-up face.

My first choice was the Match Stix Trio (54$ for 7.10g/0.25oz each stick) in Light 100 with Linen, Amber and Starstruck, the single Killawatt highlighters, in Trophy Wife and Metal Moon, the double highlighter in Mean Money and Hustla Baby (34$ for 8.0g / 0.28oz each single and double highlighter) and finally the Lip Gloss in Gloss Bomb (18$)

The packaging is ingenious, functional and unique. In the beginning, I believed that the magnetic sticks might be a bit gimmicky but not at all. The sticks hold nicely together and are really useful when thrown into the bag. The highlighter packing is simple but sturdy, with a good mirror. (Just opening them is a bit difficult.) The lip gloss has a very nice soft and big applicator that allows the product to be distributed evenly on the lips. The soft pink color gives the whole line a feminine and elegant note.


Step one, starting with the Match Stix Trios after moisturizing my face with the Morning Aura Moisturizing Primer, (If you want to find out more about this product check out my previous post ‘All You Need To Know About The New Victoria Beckham & Estée Lauder Collection! Review, Swatches & Looks’ here) I went straight in with Linen on the center of my face as well as under my eyes and everywhere I had imperfections. I then blended the product with my fingers into my skin. The formula is a cream to powder which I found great for my mixed complexion, and the shade was a total match. The stick gave me a soft natural coverage, and everywhere I needed something extra, I spot concealed with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer,  in Vanilla Light 2 (30$) and blended it with my fingers again.

Step two, I took the contour stick in Amber and contoured my cheeks, nose, forehead, lower lip as well as jawline. I blended the product with a dense blending brush, and I found that the formula blends very easily. This shade was also a perfect match for me.

Step three, after bronzing with my Victoria Beckham Bronzer in Saffron Sun with a bronzing brush I applied Starstruck at the highpoints of my cheeks. This stick highlighter didn’t impress me that much. It does do a good job, don’t get me wrong, but I found it a bit too glittery for my taste, and I could easily do without it. What pleasantly surprised me instead, was the Killawatt highlighter in Hustla Baby!

Moving to the eyes, I prepped my lids with a coat of Linen. Afterwards, I applied Hustla Baby all over my lower lids, the browbones and the inner corners of my eyes. I then took my bronzer in Saffron Sun and definer my crease. Finally, I went in with Mean Money and applied it on top of the bronzer in the crease.

Hustla Baby is a beautiful highlighter, and it looks great on the eyes as well as the cheeks. The formula is soft, pigmented, the shade blend nicely, and the color lasts all day.


To finalize the look, I applied the Vitoria Beckham translucent Setting Powder and applied two coats of the Lip Gloss in Gloss Bomb. The gloss feels great on the lips is not sticky, glides beautifully and it smells incredibly good. The shade is indeed flattering, keeps the lips hydrated, and it makes the lips look fuller. Naturally, as with every gloss, you will have to reapply it every now and then.

The last two products are the Killawatt single highlighters in Trophy Wife and Metal Moon. Although I didn’t use these products for this look after playing around with them, I found the formula in Trophy Wife to be rich in pigment and soft to the touch. Despite the fact that I am too pale to use this as an everyday highlighter it does look gorgeous on the eyes. This is a very unique shade that does capture attention.

Metal Moon, is another story I found that it lacks pigmentation and that the powder formula is too chalky which leaves a white cast. Conclusion, I would skip this highlighter altogether since the collection has much more exciting products to offer!


All in all, I am quite happy with the way most of the products I ordered performed. So, I have to agree with most bloggers about the fact that Rihanna did launch a beautiful collection which is mid to upper price range. If you go for the bundles, you do get a better deal! If I had the choice to order again, I would definitely go for Trophy Wife, the Match Sticks in Linen and Amber, Hustla Baby (as a single) and the Lip Gloss 

As always, I hope that you’ve found this review helpful! Let me know your thoughts or questions about these products and the line down below!

Till next time!

xoxo from Zurich,


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