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I admit that when I first heard about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in collaboration with Nicole Guerriero, I rolled my eyes thinking… come on not another highlighter palette!

My hesitation was not so much towards Nicole Guerriero nor ABH but more towards the fact that the market has been flooded over the last months with highlighters in all forms, textures, and shades, overwhelming the consumers to the point where one has to ask, how much highlighter does one person need to own?

Still having said that, I was intrigued by this highly praised highlighter palette (by all social media platforms) and decided to place an order, since I wanted to discover for myself if this is truly such a spectacular product as claimed.

Let’s start with the technical first in order to get it out of the way! This palette is limited edition but a current restock is planned at Sephora in May. Currently, the palette is available trough ABH directly.  The palette costs 40$ and you are getting six highlighters, from fair to dark. Each pan weights 0.16 OZ or 4.5 gr.

The pans are housed in a shimmering pink hard cardboard palette with a matching protective case. The packaging doesn’t contain a mirror nor a brush. All an all, this is the typical ABH packaging that is standard for most of the ABH glow kits.

When I first opened the package and dipped my fingers in the buttery-creamy formula I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is truly amazing and without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, (Talc is in, for those who care)! The six metallic powder highlighters claim to deliver intense luminosity and they truly do that. However, the color selection isn’t anything extraordinary and not all shades will work as highlighters for the fair and light skin tones.

The palette promises to be a versatile tool where the shades could be also used as eyeshadows, blush toppers as well as inner corner and browbone highlighter and I find that to be true. I particularly like the option of using these powders for the body. (I imagine myself drinking pina coladas in the summer and glowing like a goddess, while I am at it!)


What I cannot agree with is the following claim, ‘Each highlighter has an ultra-fine formula that won’t leave behind shimmer particles.’ In this case, I had a different experience. Although very pigmented and buildable, I did find shimmer particles lingering on my cheeks after having applied them as eyeshadows and even as highlighter. Nothing too dramatic but still!

For my personal preference, I find this palette to be too intense for everyday use, so if you are looking for something more subtle and everyday appropriate then this might not be the palette for you. However, if you want a palette that will help you glow into space and back then look no further. For those with tanned to darker skin tones, I find you will be able to put this palette to good use, for those with fair to light skin tones it will be difficult to work with all the shades as intended.


At the end, the choice is up to you and based on your needs. I personally find this palette a bit overrated. The formula and pigmentation are great don’t get me wrong, but the shade selection for my personal skin type a bit constraining and the shimmering particles unnecessary. Apart from special evening occasions, I won’t really use this palette as much which is a shame and a waste of money. Due to its intense pigmentation, I wouldn’t recommend it as a highlighter palette for beginners unless this is wanted. Finally, be careful in case you are having any texture issues since these powders might accentuate your areas of concern.

That’s it beautyowls for today, as always I do hope that you found this review helpful. Let me know your thoughts on this palette. Have you tried it yet? Would you consider buying it?

Till next time

xoxo from Xanthi,


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