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It is always very exciting for me to visit the furniture exhibition in Milan. As an interior designer, it is helpful to get fresh ideas, fill up the inspiration tank and see what the upcoming design trends are.

Here are 5 top trends, I’ve put together for you in case you are in a redecorating mood. I know I am!

Material layering

One of the coolest things I observed during the exhibition, was the reoccurring tendency to layer materials. Marble, Metal, Tiles, Glass, Textiles, Paints, you name it, all carefully combined together in an orchestrated fashion, to create harmonious interior spaces and furniture.

A great material combination is a marble with metal and velvet or satin. An influence that was adopted from the latest fashion trends and that shows how much this industry affects the world of interior- and furniture design.

 Tip! If you would like to recreate this style use different materials belonging to the same color category in combination with one vibrant color. Don’t be afraid to also experiment with various surfaces like matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. 


Opulent Carpets

If you are bored with your interior space and you would like to bring some excitement into it without having to invest tons of money, then you will adore this next trend. Oversized carpets will instantly give to any space warmth and a cozy feeling.  The latest production techniques allow for the creation of impactful 3D patterns and images that will unfold and come to life literally under your feet.

Tip! For a white space, use colorful designs. To bring the space together combine it with similar colored pillowcases or curtains. For more colorful interiors, choose more toned down carpets with an unusual 3D pattern. By the way who said that carpets are only supposed to be used on the floor? Just saying!  

Cool Lights

Another reoccurring trend is the installation of impactful light fixtures. Install a cool fixture over your IKEA table, and you will immediately give your dining space a luxurious feel. Suspended compositions and even colorful fluorescent light fixtures will be great eye catchers.

Tip! If you are a minimalist use the lights in an all white space and combine them with at least one wooden furniture like a table or a bookcase. If you are more daring, use a fluorescent light fixture in front of a cool wallpaper or suspended from the ceiling. The entrance area would be the perfect space for that!  

 New Painting Techniques

During our walks in Milan city, we came across an interesting manufacturer that presented various painting techniques which allow the recreation of different finishes like fabrics, sand, and paper. A genuinely impressive exhibition that presented endless possibilities to create amazing walls with interesting textures, colors, and finishes. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination go wild!

Tip! To bring small spaces to life, choose a material finish with a texture and use it to cover all surfaces. Select one color only and don’t be afraid to go overboard. In this case more is more, and we like that!

And now its time for Less Is More…

Simple yet impactful! The upcoming designers at the Satelite exhibition showcased simplistic creations, pushing materials and manufacturers to the limits. Natural colors gave the rooms a calming, relaxing feel allowing the areas not to look overcluttered. Functionality and flexibility were key ingredients for these new creations that weren’t overwhelming but rather welcoming.

Tip! If you want to decorate small spaces and create visually impactful interiors, use the art of repetition. Select one element that you love and repeat it several times. Even better if it comes in various sizes, like the example with the frames.    

All in all, this was a fascinating exhibition which I will definitely visit next year again. The designs, the city, the food and the people were just amazing, and the positive vibes were felt on every corner. This is an exhibition I cannot recommend enough to you to go and visit if you have the opportunity and don’t think that it is just for architects or designers. As mentioned the whole city is booming, and there is for everyone something to discover.

As always Beautyolws, I hope that you’ve found this post interesting. Let me know if you have been at this exhibition before? If not, would you consider going? If yes, how did you find it?

Till next time!

Xoxo from Zürich,


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