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I must admit… my knowledge in fragrances is not very vast! Up until now, every time I invested in a new perfume, I was either going for one that I happened to smell on a tester or one that I smelled on somebody else and liked.

Not fully understanding the complexity and science of the mysterious world of fragrances, I was lucky enough to receive a few weeks back an invitation from the ADF (Aramis and Designer Fragrances) team which took us to a charming voyage introducing us to the world of perfume creation. The presentation was fascinating! Showcasing us three known notes that are included in the majority of today’s perfumes: Rose, Jasmine, and Vanille.


All bloggers had the opportunity to smell different varieties and intensities of these notes from their purest- to their lightest- (lab re-created) molecules, thus allowing us to better understand the differences between the various scents of Roses, Jasmines, and Vanilla flowers.

During the presentation, we were able to ask numerous questions, and we received some insightful information on how to purchase the right perfume. So, here are some great insider tips, on how to choose the right fragrance for you:

Tip Nr.:1

Always try the fragrance on your skin. Never buy a perfume just because it smells nice on the tester or on paper (like I was doing). Each skin is different; thus the molecules in each fragrance will react differently.

Tip Nr.:2

This is perhaps the most important tip of them all. Give yourself time! After having tried the perfume on your skin, wait 7-8 hours before deciding. This is due to the following scientifically proven interpretation of how our brain perceives the various notes in the fragrances and analyses them. In the first hour, our brain registers the notes of the head, giving us am an immediate answer whether we like or don’t like the scent. After 2-3 hours we receive information about the notes of the heart giving us access to memories from the past. Those could be positive or negative ones. Finally, after around 7-8 hours our brain receives information about the basic notes thus closing the cycle meaning that after this period of time you will continue liking the scent. (This is why sometimes we like a fragrance at the beginning, and after wearing it for several hours, we don’t.)

Tip Nr.:3

Try a new scent on well-moisturised skin. This will allow the molecules to penetrate better and deeper into your skin, thus giving you the maximum intensity and longevity.

After testing several fragrances from the latest Michael Kors Line like Wonderlust (85.- CHF the 50ml) and Sexy Blossom as well as Be Tempted by DCNY (85.- CHF the 50ml), I selected (for my personal taste) the Sexy Blossom one. A subtle yet romantic soft scent, perfect for the summer and mixing notes such as Litchi, Rose blossoms, Lily, Freesia, Ambrox and Moschus. The packaging is equally summery, sexy and feminine, in a sleek purple glass flacon with a golden cap. The perfume is already available at selected counters for 75.90- CHF the 50ml. My brain registered the head, heart, and basic notes and I  can confirm that I LOVE the scent!

That’s it for today Beautyowls! As always I hope that you’ve found this post informative and helpful. Let me know in the comments section below, which your favorite summer fragrance is for the coming season. Which other perfumes would you recommend?

Till next time,

xoxo from Zurich


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  1. I’m quite fussy with perfumes. I do what you say here…I test it on me, then spend ages with it on my skin to see what happens…if I keep getting a whiff of it and I like it after a while I may go back and buy it but I don’t rush into new perfumes that’s for sure!! Great post x

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