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Nothing screams more spring/summer like ombre looking lips. Although the trend has been around since last season, more and more companies are coming out with products in order to recreate this kissable pout.

However, many of us (including myself) are avoiding this look due to the misconceptions that a) It takes a lot of time to recreate and b) It needs a lot of products.

Here are two options (one from the Luxury and one from the drugstore segment), where you can achieve this eye-catchy lip effect in a quick way (even in the morning), as a matte or a glossy finish.

Option 1 (Luxury)

The Spring 2017 Limited Edition Rouge Gradient Lip Shadow Duo from Dior is the perfect product. There are 3 color variations from this collection, a Playful Pink, a Vibrant Red, and a Beautiful Purple. (I chose the Vibrant Red)


These lipsticks have an interesting texture as they are powders and give an equally powdery-matte finish, which is super pigmented and wears off beautifully. The only drawback is the applicator. Sometimes, excess product is concentrated on the sponge which in return could fall on your clothes. SO BE WARNED! The lipsticks contain 1.6gr of product and retail for 29£ which is for sure on the more pricey side.

Option 2 (Affordable)

On the other side, we have the Ombre Lip Duos from NYX. This collection includes 12 Shades in a creamy formula with a satiny matte finish. The Lip Duos retail for 12$ and would also be a great alternative for recreating this gradient lip effect in a quick way. I took mine in shade Razzle&Dazzle since I wanted to try something that was out of my comfort zone.

And here is how you do it!



Step 1

Clean your lips with a makeup wipe of your choice. (5sec)

Step 2

Exfoliate your lips (10sec) with a lip scrub of your choice. I used the Lip Sugar Balm from Dior. After exfoliation, wipe your lips clean from any remaining product.


Step 3

Hydrate your lips. (10sec) Just add some needed hydration back to your lips by using your favorite lip product. My current favorite one is from 3LAB. Leave the balm on for a bit and then remove it.


Step 4 with the Dior Lipstick

Apply the light color all over your lips starting from the outer corners towards the center of your lips. Then add the second layer with the darker color concentrating on the outer corners and the outlines of your lips. (20sec) Keep in mind that this is a powder formula and it will accentuate dry lips if you don’t hydrate them before application.


Step 4 with the NYX Lipstick

Outline your lips with the darker lip color then fill in the outer corners of your lips. Next, move in with the lighter color and apply it at the center of your lips. In order to create a more natural transition, carefully dab with your fingers at the points where the two color meet. This will mix the two colours together. (30sec)

TIP: For fuller-looking lips and to transform both products into a glossy finish, I dabbed with my finger at the center of my lips the Too Faced transparent Lip Injection.


Comparing the two products, I personally preferred the lipstick from Dior due to the fact that it had a much better lasting power and it wore off nicer than the NYX one. Although the NYX is also a good alternative for the gradient look,  I found this product to transfer like crazy and I got this horrible line at the center of my lips.

That’s it Beautyowls! I hope you found this tutorial/mini-review helpful. Let me know your thoughts below. Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? What are your thoughts on the ombre look? Do you consider it everyday appropriate?

Till next time!

xoxo from Zürich,


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