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We love high street fashion but the art of tailor made clothing has not fully disappeared from the radar. Here are three outfits and three reasons why you should consider tailor made over mainstream clothing.

When presented with the opportunity to have tailor made clothes done for you, you don’t hesitate you just say YES!! While I was in Thailand, I had this amazing opportunity. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely consider doing more custom made clothes.

When I entered the tailoring shop in Bangkok, I immediately  took out my phone and started flicking like a maniac through MY favorite screenshot clothing pictures. A smiling sales assistant approached me and was immediately confronted with the following question:


Sales guy– YES, MADAME WE CAN!

After we had this crucial point clarified, the real fun began. An endless selection of fabrics and finishes was at my disposal to choose from. Finally, I selected three outfits and I’ll explain why these particular ones, down below. The construction took 2 weeks with one fitting in between.

And here are the three outfits:

A Ladies Suit – just for me and with the perfect fit!


Each tailoring company is specializing in something, this particular one was excellent in suits plus it’s always great to have a classic piece such as this tailor made. I selected a more unusual fabric, in order to give it a more edgy and modern look.

A Two Pieces – Skirt and Gilet – with a cool fabric pattern! 

This is a set that I simply didn’t have in my closet, plus I saw this amazing picture from one of the Victoria Beckham Runway Shows and the design simply stuck with me. I love that I can wear those two pieces together but also individually.

A Classic White Coat – with a twist!

A coat  is a must have, a staple piece. Since I didn’t own a white coat so far, this decision was simple.  With a few tweaks, I made my own interpretation of the design I found back a while ago and I simply love it!

Here are some tips:

When I was selecting the fabrics I made sure that I could wear each piece individually but also combine them together. I, therefore, made sure, to always see all the fabrics next to each other.

Select fabrics not only based on the pattern, design or color but also the touch and their durability.

Keep in mind that these clothes shouldn’t be machine washed but dry cleaned. This will prolong their quality, color, and fit.

The price really depends on the materials and the finishes (buttons&zippers) you will select as well as the craftsmanship that is required. No matter where you are, quality will always have it’s price! The average price for each piece was around 200.- CHF

That’s it from my side Beautyowls, I hope that your enjoyed this post. As always let me know your thoughts on the comments down below. Which outfit did you like the most? Do you have any tailor made clothes and if yes what was your experience? If not, would you consider having any done and for which occasion and cost?

Here also are the inspirational pictures I presented to the tailors and on which these outfits are based on.

Till next time,

xoxo from Zürich,


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  1. Love the colors of the pattern fabric for the first pic! It’s a unusual matching colors, tiny lines of red and green or yellow with overall blue. Business looking yet stylish and out of the ordinary. It also looks like private school uniforms due to the patterns but professional! I also like the white coat with the bottom part that looks like a flower! Great tailor-made clothes!

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