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We all know it and we all have been there (at least once a year). The week of the Massive Cold! The magical time of coughing, sneezing, headaches, sore throats and fever. (Seriously guys toddler germs are toxic!) After the storm has passed we are usually left with dry and dull-looking skin. Since I am currently recovering from a week of hot teas and mountains of Kleenex tissues, I figured I put a post together for all my fellow sufferers out there that go through a cold right now!

Here are 5 steps on how to revive your skin and bring it back to its glorious-looking pre-cold state!

This routine is based on some of my favorite skincare products that work for my particular skin type. You can use the same steps but you can easily customize and choose your favorite skincare products for your particular skin type. The whole process lasts about 30minutes and it’s best to do at night before going to bed.


Step 1

The first step is to wash your face. I used the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh (5.1oz / 150ml for 38$) This is a very mild cleanser appropriate for all skin types.  Just make sure you are not allergic to soy.


Step 2

Exfoliating your skin will remove those dead cells that make it look dull and lifeless.  I used a small amount of St. Ives exfoliator. CAREFUL! If you have sensitive skin ignore this step. Use a makeup remover wipe instead or a muslin wet cloth. This will also do the trick!


Step 3 

If you are having a more mature skin, now would be the right moment to do an eye mask. Use whichever one you love. This time I used the Moisture Boost Hydrogel Eye Patches from NERIUM (around 50$). Another great choice would be the Advanced Night Repair Eye Masks from Estée Lauder (4o$ for 4 Masks). Leave the mask on for 10 minutes them massage the remaining product gently around your eyes till it’s fully absorbed.

Step 4

Wait for 5 Minutes till you skin has absorbed the mask product and now pump it with nourishing ingredients. Here I use a cocktail of serums that are appropriate for all skin types. I mixed 3 drops of vitamin E+Chamomile (0.5/15ml 48$) from  Cover FX (this will have a calming effect on your skin after exfoliation) and 3 drops of the Virgin Marula Oil (1oz/30ml for 72$) from Dunk Elephant this will give your skin back some needed hydration.

Step 5

Now it’s time to move on to plumping up and recovering. After the oils have been absorbed into your skin (5 to 10 minutes) it’s time to apply your serum. Since I wanted to regain some plumpness I used my all time favorite, the Ceramidin Liquid Serum from Dr. Jart+ (5oz / 150ml for 39$)  Massage and let the serum absorb for 2-3 minutes and then go in with the big guns the Lala Retro Cream from Drunk Elephant. This is the perfect weapon against dry and dull skin. CAREFUL! This product is super thick. A little goes a long way and due to my combo complexion, I use it only in emergencies. In this case, I used it as an overnight mask. The next morning I woke up with baby-soft, healthy-looking skin.

TIP: In order to achieve the best results from your skincare products apply them from the thinnest consistency to the thickest.

Last but not least, help your body from within and drink a lot of Water. This will prevent you from dehydrating. Combine it with lots of sleep and this will help the regeneration of your skin cells to be faster.

That’s it from my side Beautyowls. As always I do hope that you found this post helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. What are your tips and tricks for reviving your skin after a cold?

Till next time

xoxo from Zürich,


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