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Finally after several weeks of testing I have for you the much anticipated Too Faced and Kat Von D ‘Better Together’ Palette Review.

Let’s find out if this palette performs and if it’s worth the money?

I was very excited to receive this palette for two reasons. First, I really wanted to support this collaboration, (to be sure this is not only about friendship but also about profits. Still in the rather highly competitive beauty industry it is a rather rare phenomenon to see such a collaboration take place.) Second, I was curious to see what these two brands would come up with since they are built on two totally different brand images. Too Faced is sweet and colorful, Kat Von D rather dark and mysterious.


The palette retails for 65$ which breaks down to 5.4$ (MakeupGeek 6$ for 1.8G / 0.064 oz)  for each shadow and is still available as a Limited Edition at Sephora . With the palette, you are getting a complimentary full sized Better than Sex Mascara (0.27 oz/ 8 mL) from Too Faced and a full-size Tattoo Trooper Liner (0.019 oz/ 0.55 mL) in Satin Black from Kat Von D.

The palette is beautifully designed. The lightweight packaging is made out of cardboard that is shaped as a heart which can be split into two halves. Neither side comes with a mirror nor a brush. However, they come with a personalized message from each brand owner Jerrod Blandino (Too Faced) and Kat Von D herself. The two halves are held together with a magnet and can be easy separated which, is quite practical for on the go.


Now! when it comes to the formulas I did notice a difference between the Too Faced side and the Kat Von D side. After several applications, I came to the conclusion that the Kat Von D side has performed a bit better than the Too Faced side. The left row is swatched with my finger and the right one with a brush. Both sides have an eyeshadow primer underneath.


The Colours on the Too Faced side are very nice for everyday looks. Here you are getting 6 shadows (6 x 0.03 oz/ 1.0 g) in a mix of mattes, glitter, and metallic formulas. However, some shadows weren’t as pigmented as I expected and they didn’t translate on my eyes even when applied with an eye shadow primer. The blend-ability was there and they wore a long time. However, be warned of the tons amount of kick off and fall out. Be careful when applying! My favorite shade from this palette is Heart Of Gold and my least favorite is Lovely. Other than that, the colors are absolutely in line with the Too Faced brand and you get all you need for a complete eyeshadow look.


The Kat Von D side is as expected more dark and mysterious and more (to my opinion) for night-time looks appropriate. I found the shadows to be more pigmented than the Too Faced side and they blended like butter. However, also here I experienced a lot of kick-off and a lot of fall-out. Also with this palette, you are getting 6 shades (6 x 0.04 oz/ 1.3 g) in matte, iridescent and metallic finishes. The eye-catcher of this palette is off course Swoon and the least well performing one Lovestruck. Here the left row is swatched with a brush and the right one with my finger. Both sides have an eyeshadow primer underneath.



The two sides are compliment each other very well, proving that they are indeed “Better Together”. A strategically well coordinated and curated palette from both brands. In terms of money versus value, I would say that this is indeed money well spend since you are getting 12 shades in a decent amount in various finishes. Another plus are also the countless looks you can create by combining the two pallets together. Altogether yes, this is a cute palette to have but is it a must have? Well I leave this decision with you?

Here are some of the looks I created over the last two weeks. Let me know if you would like me to put a tutorial together, in case you would like to recreate them.

As always, I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you found it helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are on the comments below. Do you already have this palette? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? If not, would you consider buying it?

Till next time!

xoxo from Zürich,


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