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As you may have noticed by now, I love makeup. Even more so I feel particularly drawn to expensive high-end makeup like a bee is drawn to honey.

Unfortunately high-end and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Believe me, I fell into that trap more than often. However, when I find an amazing product where the price tag is justified, I am excited to share this information with you guys.

If you are currently looking for a great foundation, that is combining fantastic coverage, amazing finish, is comfortable to wear and beneficial for the skin due to its ingredients, then I have good news for you, your search is over.


Please go to the La Mer counter NOW and get a sample of the new Soft Fluid Long Wear foundation with SPF 20 but be warned, because if you fall in love with this foundation like I did, you will have to kiss goodbye, to your hard earned money, all 110$ for 1 oz. (95 Euros for 29.5 ml).

La Mer describes this as a weightless and natural foundation that has a flexible coverage (don’t really know what they mean by that) and is long wearing. The foundation comes in 15 luminous shades and is supposed to stay color-true even under the harshest weather conditions, like humidity.

Best applied with a normal foundation brush (no need to get the La Mer one, unless you want to splurge) or with your fingers, I find this foundation to be better for those of us with a bit more mature skin that desire to include a more preventive, anti-aging step to their makeup routine. I was amazed when this foundation didn’t allow almost any oils to come through during a whole day, yet was very comfortable to wear.

As you can see in the pictures, I put this product through 12hours wear tests without retouching at all and it truly worked. Keep in mind, that I have a mixed complexion with an oilier T-zone and a dryer perimeter. Before application, I prepped my skin with my Marc Jacobs coconut primer and I was wearing shade number 12.


The only negative thing I have to say about this foundation, apart from its steep price tag, is that the formula does contain a small amount of perfume. However, the scent does wear off after a few minutes. One further drawback could be the shade range which I do hope that the company will extend soon.

So if I made you curious, please go and get at least a sample at the La Mer counter and try it out. I would be most happy to hear back from you. If you already own this foundation or have tried it out, share with us your experience.

Till next time.

xoxo from Zurich,


PS: Here are some further, reviews of this foundation.




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