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Yesterday was such an exciting day. I am currently stuck at home fighting a cold and as you can imagine my mood was under the weather when all of a sudden I saw the yellow DHL van pull over. As you can imagine my excitement was big…

I had received my Victoria Beckham and Estèe Lauder beauty products and what better time to unpack them and swatch them together.

This collaboration is a first and I was very curious to try these products out myself and compare how quality, presentation, and price perform. However, due to the hefty price tag, I decided not to go too overboard this time and only ordered three items.

I placed my order with NETAPORTER since most of the products from the line were sold out either on Selfridges or the Estèe Lauder website and this was the only platform I could currently find them in Europe.

My order contained the 01 Modern Mercury Highlighter, the 01 Black Myrrh Eyeshadow, and the 01 Burnt Anise Eye Foil.

First off let me start by telling you about the packaging. I Loooooooove this packaging, it really reflects what it is supposed to represent, meaning class. The product is housed in a beautiful golden rim and a black leather ruffled detailed housing. It is heavy in the hand which accentuates its value and both the highlighter and the eyeshadow contain mirrors. Only the eye foil packaging is somewhat basic which definitely, leaves some room for improvement. All in all, the packaging is sleek and elegant with a touch of vintage. So job well done here.

The highlighter contains .26 OZ/7.5g of product and retails for 56€ which is very steep. The product is unscented, for which I am very grateful for and comes with a very nice textured surface. The formula is very creamy and velvety-soft to the touch and without any kickoff which is super nice. The colour is a beautiful copper-pink with finely-milled specks of glitter. All in all, the highlighter is a beautiful colour but for me personally, not highlighter appropriate due to my skin tone. I would rather use it as an eyeshadow or a blush.

The eye shadow has a similar texture and also contains micro glitter as the highlighter but it doesn’t come with the same relief pattern. It is also unscented and has a minimal kickoff.  Although the colour is quite dark, I found it to be relatively lacking in intensity and pigmentation. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I, for example, tend to have a heavy hand with my makeup application and this allows me to have better control over the product. If I want to increase colour pay off, I just wet the brush. The eyeshadow is buildable which allows one to create a very nice smoky eye effect with the desired intensity. The eyeshadow contains .21 OZ / 6g of product and retails for 43€

The liquid Eye Foil is one of those products that you need to play with and get accustomed to, before learning to appreciate it. The liquid formula tends to be a bit streaky but if layered it looks quite nice. The only drawback I found was that the formula does contain some rather chunky glitters but that is my personal taste. Here you get .24 OZ / 7ml. This product retails for 34€ .

I included a few videos, with finger- and brush- swatches where you can see the difference on how the products perform.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always I am happy to hear back from you, so leave your comments below.

Many greetings for now.

xoxo from Zurich,



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