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Are you noticing your skin changing? Then this is for you…

You are starting to see it… slowly but surely you are noticing small fine lines, the skin is getting dryer and the glow and freshness are starting to fade away. If this sounds familiar then we are on the same page but don’t despair, because there is help out there.

This is probably the right time to review not only the makeup products that you are using but also start seriously thinking about investing in a good skincare routine. Good makeup is just not enough anymore… but where to start? Which company to choose? Which products to test?

Since I myself am in this same phase, I started researching for new skincare lines that promise to deliver results a few months ago.

I was mainly looking out for new companies who use great high-quality ingredients, adaptable to various skins needs, paraben free, cruelty-free, mainly natural and last but not least companies with an appealing philosophy.

Here is what I discovered after my research…There are currently four companies out there that are worth looking into.

-NIOD – The abnormal beauty company

Is one of 10 companies belonging to the umbrella company DECIEM.

Based in Canada it was founded in 2013 by Brandon Truaxe. This young dynamic group of crazy monkeys is definitely worth looking into.

NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Skincare. Their hippest product is the Photography Fluid . The products are ranging between 24€ and 60€ and contain natural, skin friendly ingredients.

I myself have been testing their SAPONIS tube, for reducing the appearance of larger pores for a month now and I can say, this stuff really works.


-GLOSSIER- The natural beauty brand

The glossier was born 2010 from the beauty blog IntoTheGloss.com. As a collaboration of several beauty editors, the company celebrates natural beauty, without overloading their clients with a plethora of products keeping it useful, simple and real.

Emily Weiss is the driving force behind the brand. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship worldwide yet, so those of us outside the US will have to wait a bit longer. The products price range is from 12$ to 40$ and they are all about natural beauty.


TIP!!! Keep a look out for the SUPPERS a new serum line that is available now.


-MILK Makeup – The rebel beauty brand

Was created from the original Milk blog. Based in the US and following the philosophy of setting trends not following them. This beauty and skincare brand has products that are created in order to be fun, edgyflexible and easy to use.

Milk Makeup is having a very natural, paraben free, approach. Their in-house production is only using natural ingredients with minimal to no preservatives.

The products in their skincare line have a cost range between 12$ to 42$ and are currently to be found at Sephora (for international shipping) or the Milk site. The company itself doesn’t ship internationally yet.


-DRUNKEN ELEPHANT- The sophisticated skincare company

This particularly interesting company is focusing 100% on skincare products that are formulated with natural and cutting edge synthetic ingredients, that are fragrance-free and non-irritating to the skin. The products are designed to complement each other in order to deliver maximum results and address different skin needs.

The company was created 2009 by Tiffany Masterson and is based in the States. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer international shipping yet but you can currently purchase the products from Sephora or on amazon.

Now, the product portfolio contains cleansers, correctors, exfoliators, moisturizers and sun protectors and as a common ingredient, you will find the valuable Marula Oil which puts the price also a bit up there. Prices vary from 18$ to 90$

So these were my findings so far. However, when looking for the perfect skincare line it’s important to understand the needs of your skin first. Just look yourself in the mirror and try to determine what your skin type is? If you decide to buy products from an untested brand, my advice to you is to order their bundles first. NIOD, Drunk Elephant, and Milk, for example, have some nice ones, you can order online.

Finally, no matter what skincare or beauty products you use, there are three main ingredients that are vital for your skin’s health and you can find those everywhere and at a very low cost:

WaterSun Screen and lots of Beauty Sleep

So sweet dreams from Zürich and till next time… (Ohh and if it’s daytime while you’re reading this don’t mind, just take a 10 minutes beauty power nap.., your skin will thank you for it)

xoxo from Zürich,



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